VTEC kicked in bro!

For those of you that don’t know, I like cars. I haven’t always, only really when I started shopping for my first one is when my interest initially started. So when people combine two things I love, cars and photography, it makes me happy. People put some crazy amounts of blood, sweat and tears into their cars. I thought cameras was an expensive hobby, but cars even more so. So when us photographer take shots of their pride and joy, you need to realise what that car means to them. And luckily, my boy, Cal, has got this spot on.

Cal Mullen

I originally discovered Cal on Twitter. The first picture I saw of his was of a car, obviously. However he’s only just gotten back into shooting them. So it’s good to see, him being out of practice hasn’t affected his skills. Cal is based in Ilfracombe, England so if you like his work, I’m sure he’d be happy to book you in. Anyway, he’s the shot I’ve decided to have a look at:

This is an Honda Integra Type R, not a car to be scoffed at. I won’t bore you with the fun car stats but Honda is a brand I have a real soft spot for. So had to pick this one over shots of a fiesta, evo or nissans. Never really understood the hate for Hondas, especially in America. Maybe there’s a different lot of car people over there, or maybe it’s just because of the classic line from Tokyo drift?

But anyway, let’s start with what I like.

The blur is beautiful. I think this shows how skilled of a photographer Cal is. For those of you that haven’t tried this before, just staying in one spot and planning to get that blur, while still getting the car in focus is extremely difficult. So the fact he’s managed to do this, while driving, on a dual carriageway, with traffic around, and still get this car in focus, whiteout having the wrong type on blur is really, really skilful.

If you look at he foreground, you can see how the floor and ground is blurred, but all in a straight line, smoothed out. If the road was bumpy, it could of resulted in less of a smooth line, and more jagged blur. I would of liked to seen the trees more blurry, just because it emphasises the speed a little bit more, and that’s what you want in a performance car.

The angle and composition of the car as well is fantastic. Obviously with the smaller photographers, content is created for Twitter and Instagram, which means we’re mostly going to be shooting in portrait rather than landscape. But I do like how this looks, there’s a lot of empty space at the top on the image, but that pulls ever more focus into the car. Shooting the image so low, again emphasises the sports, performance type car that the integra typeR is. Sports cars are usually built low to the ground, as it lowers the cars centre of gravity, helping to improve on the grip and handling on the car, helping it remain stable while driving at high speeds or cornering. So shooting low to the floor, helps to make the car stance look lower. In the uk most faster main roads have the crash barriers to the sides of the lanes. But in this case it helps with leading lines to again, draw attention to the car. The tree line also comes down to draw attention onto the integra once again.

So as always there’s a few things I’d like to of seen down with the shot. And actually most of image is more just about the clean up, in the edit. There’s a few marks I see which if you clean up with clear the clatter to make it look better. I’ve circled just a little bit of of marks here above. I don’t think this has anything to do with the way it was shot, just the camera itself. Sometimes we get small amounts of dust on camera sensors. You can spot a few marks on the image like that if you look closers more around the shot.

Again, he’s another mark that could be done with cleaning up a bit. This might of been a mark in the road, a stone or something maybe. But clone stamping that out could fix it up super quickly and just clean up just a little.

Another unnecessary mark I can see is the cats eye in between the the road markings. Just getting rid of that would be nice. Again just a small detail, but getting rid of it just to tidy up the image.

Speaking of road markings, where’s the closest ones gone? You can see the markings going all the way down the road, but seem to stop by the car. Cal might of done this on purpose, but I’d be interested to see what it looked like with the road markings added back in.

I had to zoom in a bit more to see to show this, but notice the car brake lights in the lane across the road, creating this reflection in the car. I really think getting rid of that is important. It’s not part of the car, so it should be removed.

If you take a look at any car shot by a car company, created to promote the car, you would never see other cars in the background. It’s worth having a look, try googling Mercedes or Range Rover, and you won’t be able to spot any other car in the shot. So for that reason I think getting rid of the cars in the background would make the shot look more professional. And make it look like you had a much bigger budget than in reality. Being able to shut down the entire road for the shoot make it looks like you mean business.

I like Cal shots. I do. And I love the cars he’s featuring. And actually, I’m quite jealous he’s had the opportunity to do that. Because I wouldn’t know where to start even meeting people with cars like that where I live. The shot itself is pretty flawless. In fact I’d really like to be able to go along with Cal on a shoot just to see how he deal with it. I think the clean up afterwards needs a little bit of work. The smaller details is what can make a picture go from an 8 to a 10.

I’d love to hear what you guys all think. You can drop me a comment below or tweet me @ItsRooo or just search for Rootlessness.

To see more of Cal work you can find him on his socials.

  • Twitter @calwithacamers
  • Instagram @eqxality
  • Www.bakehousemedia.com

The owner of the Integra TypeR can be found

  • Instagram @mikeyitr

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